Put Together A Personal First Aid Kit for the Malaysian Outdoors

personal first aid kit for the malaysian outdoors

I often see people going off on their adventures – long or short trips and I wonder if they carry a first aid kit with them.

If you are one that don’t carry one, then I suggest you do. It’s not difficult to put together a small kit really. And you can then pop into your backpack, carry on your waist secured to your belt or put it into your fanny pack. It’s better to be prepared for any minor accidents that can happen during your trip.

The suggestion I have prepared here is suited for the Malaysian outdoors here on our blog posting entitled “Put Together A Personal First Aid Kit for the Malaysian Outdoors”.

Here is what you need:

Firstly, for personal (or a small group) get a first-aid kit bag. They are made of heavy fabric, red in colour and has several compartments and is closed with a zipper around it. Deuter makes a good first-aid bag but you can get something similar at a cheaper price.

Then assemble the following items | Your First Aid Kit should have:

[1] Panadol (2 strips) – for general pain

[2] Anti-histamine pills – for allergy

[3] Antacid tablets (1 strip)

[4] Charcoal tablets (2 strips) for gas/upset stomach/purging

[5] Minyak angin (eg. Kwan Loong / Minyak cap Kapak / Yu Yee whichever you prefer)

[6] Antibiotic cream

[7] Acrifalvin solution (yellow solution) for small cuts – if you can get Gentian Violet that is even better although it stains

[8] Deep heat – for sprains

[9] Antiseptic towelettes, wrapped singly (10 pckgs)

[10] Adhesive bandages (plasters) of various sizes (12 one-inch)

[11] Butterfly adhesive bandages (6, various sizes)

[12] Roller gauze (2 rolls, 2″ x 5 yd.)

[13] Square gauze (10pcs, 2in x 2in, wrapped singly)

[14] Burn cream (eg. Burnol)

[15] Medical tape (looks like cellophane tape but made of breathable material) (2″ roll)

[16] Elastic bandages – for sprains

[17] Safety Pins

[18] Needle, Tweezers

[19] Scissors and/or razor blade – to cut

[20] Small digital Thermometer

All these items are available from your local pharmacy.

Once you have your First-Aid Kit, make sure you don’t leave it at home but carry it with you on your adventure trips!

If you feel it is more convenient just to buy a kit, well here is what we would recommend for your personal first aid kit

First Aid Only Outdoor First Aid Kit, Soft Case, 205-Piece Kit

Have Fun in the Outdoors!


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