About Us


Our Adventure Hosts are specially trained to take guests on adventure trips . We are ourselves outdoor enthusiasts. We do not consider ourselves tour operators or tour guides. We are more than that. To us, the whole country is our playground and when you step out with us it is a Guest-Host relationship. We want you to enjoy the outdoors just like we do. Play like we do. We want you to know where the hidden gems are. On adventures, our expert knowledge is an assurance to our guests because adventures entail risks, hidden dangers and specialised knowledge of the area. So we give you that ‘peace-of-mind’. Coming with an experienced team of Adventure Hosts, you minimise your risk during your adventure hence providing you more time to enjoy yourself.


Being in operations since 2004, our vision is in empowering local communities and to develop with their help tourism activities available in their area or village. If there is capability available in the community, we will employ these local guides and team players so we can maximise local employment opportunities. Local guides and team players also ensure you benefit from the intimate knowledge, passion and culture of our country.

Where possible, we use local caterers, locally owned transporters and accommodation providers to maximise the return to the local community. We keep our town office small with processes as paperless as possible. Guests are encouraged to bring their own drinking bottles to reduce plastic waste.

We thank you for supporting our community based tourism efforts.
For further information, we can be contacted via email, helpdesk[@]myadventurehost.com


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When you choose your adventure provider do you look for a company that share the same values as you?
We are sure you share our values too, where we: 

  • Use infrastructures which are locally owned whenever possible.
  • Share the financial benefits with local communities and operators.
  • Provide work and leadership opportunities for local people.
  • Respect local customs and culture.
  • Ensure safe tours for our guests.
  • Educate guests and our service partners about how and why we choose to run our programs as such.
  • Limit any negative impact to the daily lifestyles of local people.
  • Limit any physical impact on natural and cultural environments.
  • Provide support to organisations and local communities.
  • Provide opportunities for our guests to interact with local people.
  • Work to prevent the exploitation of children in tourism.
  • Actively discourage participation in activities that exploit animals.
  • Give our travellers the best possible value.