How to Keep and Retrieve Records of Your Travel Documents When You Travel | A Travel Tip for Your Next Journey

When you travel, there are important documents and records that you need with you. Anything can happen during your trip (hopefully not). Not all countries that you will be travelling to are safe. Hopefully you will not encounter lost or stolen luggage, muggers, pick-pockets, scammers during your trip. If you were unlucky when this happen, you may not only lose your cash but important documents too – things like passport, credit cards, your country issued id etc. This article will show you How to Keep and Retrieve Records of Your Documents when you travel.

You also carry important information with you such as your flight confirmation number, your hotel reservation number, your insurance etc, etc – you get what I mean.

A method which I have found to work well for me when I travel is to have this information easily managed, organized and later retrieved if required. Now with the availability of cloud computing, these important information can be saved on a cloud server and if there is a need to retrieve any of this information, you can easily access them from your smartphone, laptop, or computer at a cybercafe.

I have found that DROP BOX works very well for me. You get a 2GB account and that is more than enough. Set-up your account and have it on your desktop PC, or laptop and the download the app into your smartphone. When you upload a document on your desktop PC, they will synchronize. I recommend creating a new Folder in Dropbox. Then scan or photograph your important documents for the trip. Documents can be saved or converted to PDF and uploaded to your account. This can be a copy of your hotel confirmation, photographs of your luggage (should they get lost), your passport, identification, medical letter, etc, etc..

You will have the peace of mind that during your travel, should you need to access these important documents, they are easily available for you to use! What about you? Do you have any tips you want to share?


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