11 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Try Gopeng White Water Rafting

Here are 11 awesome reasons why SUNGAI KAMPAR will give you the adventure you’re looking for

If you are planning to do several adventure activities in one go, the head for Gopeng. This little town in the state of Perak is a 2 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur northbound on the North-South Expressway (exit Gopeng Toll) and only 30 minutes from Ipoh.

It’s like the Queenstown of South-East Asia! At least to our standards! Details about our Gopeng White Water Rafting is below 🙂

1. Getting To Gopeng

The town of Gopeng in Perak is easly accesible from all major towns in Malaysia by means of roads and highways. You can find the town on Google Maps and Waze – this makes navigating very easy. There are also express buses that will take you here even from as far as Singapore.

By train you can get off in Kampar, Batu Gajah or Ipoh and then catch a cab to bring you here. The closest city is Ipoh and it’s only a 25 minute drive. From Kuala Lumpur or Penang it take you about 2 hours by car.

2. Rural and ‘kampung’ feel

Coming white water rafting in Gopeng is coming to a rural kampung area. It gives you the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city living. The area is lush with greenery. Fruit orchards and small villages dot the valley up to into the hills.

The deceivingly peaceful area pale in contrast to the adventure you will be facing later on your journey down river.

3. No experience required

You don’t need any prior experience to join a white water rafting trip on Sungai Kampar. By the way, that’s the name of the river which you will be rafting on in Gopeng.

Rapids on this river are between grade 1 to 3. A lot of challenges as you traverse the route but don’t worry it’s suitable for beginners who have never tried white water rafting before. A safety briefing is done before the start of all rafting trips.

4. Available all year round

Sungai Kampar is a free flowing river for white water rafting. Rain may effect the water volume (high & low) but generally trips are available throughout the year.

This makes planning for your trip easy. Your trip normally takes 2 hours on the river which covers a distance of approximately 6kms.

5. Make it a family event

Children as old as 7 years are also accepted on a rafting trip here. Among all the white water rafting rivers in Malaysia, this will be the best river to get young children to try out this adventure activity. So make this adventure trip a fun family adventure outing. Tips for ladies : read here.

6. Morning or afternoon… you choose

There are 2 rafting trip timings for you to choose from – either a morning trip that starts at 9.00am or an afternoon trip that starts at 2.00pm.

When you book, you will be told the exact time of meet-up which is normally earlier because of extra time taken to park your car, for you to get organized, to transfer you to the starting point etc.

Tip: If it’s the rainy season, it’s best to book a morning trip to avoid any trip cancellation why may happen due to high water.

7. Fun loving river guides included

Our river guides are experienced rafters. Not only that they are fun loving and funny too. There is never a dull moment on this trip. We guarantee there will be so much fun and laughter (besided some heart thumping action) as you enjoy the trip with your family and friends.

8. Awesome lunch

Nothing beats a tummy filling meal at the end of the trip. Our rafting trip includes lunch and we can bet that it will be the best kampung-style lunch you have ever tasted! You will be famished at the end of the rafting trip and it’s just satisfying when you get your fill of delicious food waiting for you.

9. Add a caving adventure on your trip

Do you know that you can add another adventure when you are doing your Gopeng white water rafting? You book on a cave exploration trip to the famouse Gua Tempurung.

There are many packages available but we recommend that you try Tour No 3. The trip starts at 9.00am and takes you to the “Top of the World” and then a trek through the river system. Hot, humid, and wet – but plenty of challenges in that 450 million year old cave system!

So you will be caving in the morning, followed by lunch and then your rafting trip in the afternoon. Double adventure in a day! Gua Kandu is also another option if you do not want to visit Gua Tempurung.

10. Some ‘add-on’ ideas while you’re in Gopeng

There are plenty of things to see and do when you are here, some notable things are:
* Walk around the old Gopeng town – visit the Gopeng museum, walk along the pre-war shop houses – plenty of instagram shots to add to your page.
* Visit the Gaharu Tea Valley
* Try the delicious curry mee at Mi Kari Ami at Kampung Pintu Padang
* Durians a plenty during the fruit season – try some but don’t forget to haggle
* Visit the famous Kellie’s Castle
* Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge No. 5 : open daily 9am-6pm (closed on Mondays).

11. Turn it into a multi-day trip

Just a short drive from Gopeng will take you to some of the best places there are:
* Ipoh
* Kampar
* Lumut and Pulau Pangkor
* Cameron Highlands
* Kuala Kangsar

gopeng water rafting

White water rafting prices are from RM145.00 per person based on a group of 5 people.



Sungai Selangor (KKB) Grade 1-4 | Slim River (Ulu Slim) Grade 1-3 | Sungkai River Grade 1-3

Ok guys, there you have it – the 11 awesome reasons!

If you still have any more questions for us go ahead just use the comment section below to ask.

Remember – No question is to trivial 🙂

We will try to help as much as we can!

See you soon.
My Adventure Host Team


  1. Hi, boleh tak email full quotation untuk aktiviti team building 3hari 2 malam ( 15/9-17/9) utk 40pax . Budget kami dalam Rm300 seorang.

  2. saya nak tanya..ade x pakej water rafting kat gopeng untuk student..kami dari matrik perak kat gopeng..kami nak wat dlm stu hari jek..tapi kalau boleh mintak transport skali pergi balek..
    kalau ade nak nak tanye harge untuk sorang

  3. Salam dan salam sejahtera…boleh saya tahu full quotation untuk “White-water Rafting Gopeng | Plus Many Other Things to Do”…terutamanya jika nak buat team building untuk kakitangan universiti….

    Dan jika bajet kami bawah RM200 utk 3 hari 2 malam…apakah pakej yang sesuai untuk “team building” tersebut?



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