Corporate Team Building Program | Adventure and Outdoor Based Team Building Program for the Corporate Warrior

2 Day / 1 Night Corporate Team Building Program


An high impact result oriented team building program specifically designed for the corporate warrior. Outcomes are geared towards building leadership, strengthening team work, and problem solving under difficult situations. Proven positive results.

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A journey of discovery and adventure off the beaten track



  1. What it takes to be a team player in the organisation: elements of empathy, trust, respect and support.
  2. Seeing the big picture of teamwork: it’s not about competing but complementing each other.
  3. Self belief to elevate to next the level and doing it together.


CONCEPTcorporate team building program kuala lumpur_opt

Using the forest and the river as the teacher.

(Support and sharing, adapting to prevailing situations whether easy or difficult and differentiating  in order to stay in and stand out).



i) Elements of discomfort (unforseen circumstances – good and bad) are at every corner we turn, we have to be prepared to face them.

ii) White-water is much like business planning – do we plan for white-water (business competition, crisis, etc) or do we just go into them with our eyes closed (as businesses that do not plan).

iii) Support and Sharing – the way the rainforest thrives in its symbiosis – from the creepers and the ferns to the majestic trees each supporting one another.

CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING IDEAS_optiv) Ability to adapt to changes  – require stepping out of the comfort zone and being flexible – Eg: easy rapids on the river takes less planning whereas larger rapids and difficult channels require more planning.

v) Differentiating – as in any business to stay in and stand out you need to be different – trees in the rainforest have different hues, shapes and sizes.




  • Rafting equipment consisting of paddles, helmets and personal flotation devices
  • Safety briefing before the activity
  • Self-bailing raftteam building organiser kuala lumpur malaysia
  • Experienced river guides
  • Group first aid kit
  • On-river snacks (mineral water, fruits, etc)
  • 2 Buffet lunches / 1 BBQ Dinner / 1 Breakfast / Free flow of cold and hot drinks
  • 1 night accommodation camping in 6-man tents based on triple/quad share
  • Internal tranportation by 4WD where required
  • A compilation of over 200 sports actions shots of your group’s white-water rafting activity in digital format
  • Team building program planning and execution

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  • Confirmation is subject to availability.
  • To book, a 50% deposit would be required and the balance to be paid 1 week prior to the event.




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