Camping Trip in Malaysia – Here’s A Checklist

Camping Trip in Malaysia: Nothing is more frustrating than having left behind items you absolutely need when camping.

Whether you are a beginning camper or an experienced one, it’s always good to have a list of camping equipment you need to take with you. In fact what I do is have a few plastic containers filled with the non-perishable supplies that I always take camping. This way everything is ready to go and I don’t have to waste time looking for the items I want to bring. So you’re preparing for a Camping Trip in Malaysia – Here’s A Checklist ..

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It’s a good idea to have easy to prepare food. Make a list of the items to buy before you go out shopping. You can always check the internet for good camping recipes. Have on hand dry condiments malaysia-camping-checklistsuch as salt, pepper, some spices and sugar. Be sure to bring staples such as coffee and tea, bread, rice, tomato sauce, onions, eggs, and of course some junk food or tid-bits. Chilled items like mayonaisse, vegetables and frozen food like hotdogs, chicken, burgers etc should be stored in a cooler box. Don’t forget something to drink too. I normally prepare some ready cook items such as sambal ikan bilis, or sandwiches so there are some food to eat when we arrive at the campsite. The amount of food brought should correspond with the number of people in your group, if anyone else is bringing any food to be shared and also the length of days you will be camping. Put all your items into large plastic containers and label them.  Food left in the open can attract ants and flies. And you don’t want to attract animals or vermins to your campsite. Food kept in plastic containers won’t get damaged if it rains.

Sleeping Equipment

As you are aware, the tent is a very important part of camping. Make sure it is waterproof and has a canopy for rain run off. Include a tarp or ground sheet for under the tent. Make sure the tent is always stored in a dry place to keep it free of mildew. Include sleeping bags to keep you nice and warm and an air mattress to keep you off the ground. Don’t forget the pillows. For some people they enjoy sleeping in a hammock above ground and they now come in various designs. They are simple, light, easy to store and comfortable to sleep in.


There is nothing worse than walking around a campsite without light. Bring a lantern either powered by propane or batteries. LED lights are also good because the consume much less power and bright. Include a good heavy duty flashlight and it’s always good to have a spare one. Don’t forget the extra batteries.

camping checklist for malaysia-1Cooking Utensils

Include a frying pan, camp stove with fuel, pot with lid, grill, spatula, dish cloths, coffee pot, dishwashing (liquid or solid) and food tongs. Charcoal and metal mesh if you want to barbeque.

First Aid Kit

A great ideas is to put together a waterproof container filled with the following supplies that you keep stored with your camping equipment and is always ready to go. Be sure to include some Panadol, anti-histamine cream and tablets, antibiotic cream, antiseptic, band-aids/bandages, tweezers, sunscreen lotion, bug repellent, antacid tablets and a box of pre-moistened towels such as baby wipes. If you don’t want to assemble a kit, you can easily buy one from the pharmacy. They come in various sizes. Just check the expiry date of the items inside before paying.

Personal Items

Once again it’s a great idea to keep these items stored in a waterproof container for easy accessibility. Include bar of soap, hand sanitizer, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush, razor and shaving cream, deodorant, comb/brush, washcloth and towels.

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Miscellaneous Supplies

Here are some things that will help make your camping experience a good one.

  • Water bottles
  • Tools such as hammer, screwdriver and pliers
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Plastic plates, plastic knives, forks, and spoons.
  • Paper towels
  • Trash Bags
  • Tablecloth
  • Charcoal
  • Fire starter
  • Matches/lighter
  • Small shovel
  • Duct tape for emergency repairs
  • GPS (I have ditched the compass).
  • Parang
  • Pocket knife
  • Dishpan, scrub pad and dish soap

Communications / Gadgets

  • Some places may not have network coverage but it is good to bring along your smartphone with GPS and map app installed. Get aquainted with these apps you have installed and know how to use them especially on navigating back to your starting point.
  • GPS standalone unit with fresh batteries – they are more sturdy than a smartphone.
  • Powerbank and cables to recharge your gadgets
  • Camera


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