Quit Drinking Soft Drinks

Do you know that if you drank a few cups or cans of soft drinks you can actually push up your blood pressure? According to a new study, adults who consume more than 74gms of fructose (an amount you get from consuming 2 1/2 cans of soft drink) a day increase their likelihood of developing high blood pressure by as much as 36%. Quit drinking soft drinks.

Besides hypertension, you are also at risk of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. Asthma sufferers may also aggravate their asthma by drinking soft drinks. Don’t think that DIET soft drinks are any safer because they are not. Remember that for all soft drinks, the danger is in the dose – so drink in moderation or restrain from drinking soft drinks. We can easily get carried away with drinking soft drinks during gatherings, parties and festivities.


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