Learn How to Start Your Online Business: Complete Video Tutorials


Learn How to Start Your Online Business

Hi, this is Izni. I have been meaning to provide some valuable training courses and tutorials for our My Adventure Host community and guests. You know, something beneficial that everyone could use and start learning right away. I thought it was time we lived up to our name – My Adventure Host Training and Expeditions. This is the ‘TRAINING‘ part of our company that I want to grow further. The intention is for as many people to benefit even though they do not take part in any of our outdoor activities or our team building programmes. And, they need not be in Malaysia to benefit from these courses.

There are many subjects that come to mind, from wilderness survival to cooking, and from safety to self-help. But let’s start on something quite basic… Internet Marketing.
Why internet marketing Izni?..you may ask..

Well, that is how the company got started. We had outdoor programmes and activities but didn’t know how to market. We tried brochures, mail drops, and all sort of marketing channels. Among all these the most successful marketing method and ROI for us to date is Internet Marketing. The company wouldn’t be where it is today without Internet Marketing – and that’s the whole truth. With it the company can go global in its marketing efforts, and be present 24/7. It was a steep learning process for me because I am not good at it, plus things were always changing all the time. There was a lot of trial-and-error.

Now having been around in the industry for over 11 years, I fully understand the difficulty of someone wanting to start their own internet business or even a simple blog that generates some sales. That is how these LEARN HOW TO START YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS videos came about.



i. I have been asked by many of our clients how we promote our business. I told them that almost 70% of our marketing effort are online and that suprised them. They wanted to know how to do it. Hence, I am sharing some important steps to get you started.

ii. Videos are great because you can learn at your own pace. You don’t have to read but just listen and watch how things are done. Most people learn effectively by listening and watching and less by reading. If you are this type of a learner, then it is perfect for you.

iii. For me it is very cost effective. Do it once and have it available to many. You will be astounded by the value vs. price. It is also a test ground for me to create more training courses, tutorial programmes and such.


There are a total of 11 tutorial videos to get you started and the videos cover topics such as:

Aweber: How to create a list
Aweber: How to schedule follow-up emails
Aweber: How to create a broadcast
Aweber: Automation rules
Aweber: How to create a signup form
Getresponse: How to create a list
Getresponse: How to schedule follow-up emails
Getresponse: How to create a broadcast
Getresponse: Automation rules
Getresponse: How to create a signup form
WordPress: How to install WordPress
WordPress: How to configure WordPress
WordPress: How to find and install plugins
Paypal: How to create your Paypal buy button
JVZoo: How to add your Products
JVZoo: How to set up your sales funnel
JVZoo: How to create a buy button
WarriorPlus: How to add your Products
WarriorPlus: How to set up your sales funnel
WarriorPlus: How to create a buy button
Clickbank: How to submit your product
Clickbank: How to get your buy button
GoDaddy: How to set your DNS
GoDaddy: How to create a forwarding URL
NameCheap: How to set your DNS
NameCheap: How to create a forwarding URL
FileZilla: How to log into a hosting account
FileZilla: How to upload and delete files
SEO: On-site Optimization
SEO: Off-site Optimization

These videos are fantastic for you who are:

Online Business Newbies – regardless of which expert or ‘guru’ you subscribe to, the truth is you NEED to know at least some basic technical aspects of your own operation. I show you how to put your online venture together and each tutorial are no more than a few minutes long.

Freelancers In The Making – if you are a virtual assistant or want to work freelance for other clients, here’s how you can quickly gain this valuable skill and render your service for either one-time or monthly fee. Technical skills like these are something you cannot simply acquire from traditional school or college/uni.

Got Technical Challenges? Sometimes it is unwise to hire an expensive coach or mentor to show you the technical steps when you can pick it up on your own in minutes (and spend quality time with your mentor to show the BIGGER picture of how to grow your online business)

Want To Get Some Things Done On Your Own Quick? It makes little sense to hire someone over and over again (and thus forking out payment over and over) for simple tasks that you can accomplish on your own almost immediately. Plus, safeguard critical information on your own business operations as it grows bigger.

You’re A Business Owner And You Want To Train Your Team – as a leader, your time is valuable. These videos can substitute you in training your employees, interns or virtual assistants… while you do the marketing!


It will just cost you US$7.00 for the whole set! That’s all. It’s even cheaper than a cup of coffee at a coffee bar.
It’s hard to find something of so much value that cost that much. I am sure what you will learn will benefit you many times over.


It is quiet simple really.. just click on the order button below. You will be taken to our order page on Paypal. Once the payment is made, you will be given the link to where the tutorial videos can be downloaded instantly. The videos are yours to keep and learn from at your own pace.



I wish you every success in your online business!

~ Izni ~


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