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gunung tahan packageGet ready for 2020. If you have the sudden yearn to conquer a mountain in Peninsula Malaysia look no further as there is Gunung Tahan for you to attempt and conquer.

Our Gunung Tahan Package provides you with the opportunity to reach the 2187m summit. Gunung Tahan after all is the highest peak in Peninsula Malaysia.

Your journey to reach the top of the mountain will require you to pluck up your courage to ascend and descend mountains, cross and wade through rivers, camp with basic necessities, experience the discomfort of being wet and cold and more. It can be one of the best outdoor experience you will go through.

gunung tahan packageLocated in the heart of the Taman Negara National Park, climbing and reaching the summit and descending will normally take about 5 days. Any shorter trip will require higher endurance level by the climbing group.

To familiarize yourself, this peak is approximately 53km from Kampung Kuala Tahan in near Jerantut, Pahang. A closer location to reach Gunung Tahan would be from Kuala Juram (entry point is Taman Negara Sungai Relau). It is only 32km from this location. Our staging point of the Gunung Tahan Package starts from here. Remember, this program starts and ends in Merapoh, Pahang.

Gunung Tahan is truly not for the fainthearted. Even the shortest, the Merapoh-Merapoh trail, takes three to four days to complete. Known as one of the toughest treks and among the most challenging mountains to climb in the region due to the various peaks one would have to ascend and descend before reaching the main summit, much is still being discovered about Gunung Tahan.


i. Gunung Tahan is situated in the Tahan Range in Peninsula Malaysia.

ii. It is reputed to be about 250 million years old and formed during the prehistoric era.

iii. It was formed about 150 million years earlier than the oldest rainforest in the world which grew around it.


Do not take this climb lightly as you will need to be physically fit – it is a well known fact that this climb is tougher than climbing Mount Kinabalu in Sabah. So get your fitness level up with sufficient training starting a few months prior to the climb. A medical check up although not required by us is highly recommended especially if you are over 40 years old.

Warning: Anyone wanting to take part in a Gunung Tahan climb must be aware of the difficulty of the climb and the perilous journey to be encountered. Climbers must be strong willed, fit and prepared – the more experience you have under your belt the better.

With that being said accidents do happen and a life was lost on the climb to Mount Tahan in Feb of 2016. Click here to read the news in The Star newspaper.


See the trail on Google Maps here (Merapoh to G. Tahan)


Thank you to Google Maps Street View for making the Imagery available thus making it easier for climbers to prepare for their climb. And also for those that are not able to do the climb to get a feel of the climb without leaving the comfort of their armchair.

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