Camping Program for Students – Say HOO-YA!

Camping for students! The HOO-YA Camp is a fully soft-skill immersion experience set in informal environment to enable participants to access to purposeful activities to engage and be enriched by them.

The Camp is designed to instill self confidence, inculcate responsible self-independence while being inter-dependent on teamwork dynamics to achieve success.

It aims to empower today’s young adults to be positively involved and be responsive, to take charge and be responsible for their actions while honing communication skills and appreciating peers.

At the same time, the young participants will benefit from the English language speaking and presentation project as part of the Camp’s activities. 

The Hoo-Ya Camp invokes the young hearts and minds, nurtures their self-esteem and giving them the independence to explore, experience and enrich while enjoying themselves.   

The Camp …it is a fun classroom without walls!

HOO-YA Camps use lots of meaningful metaphoric yet fun activities to support the growth of the young adults’ independence, self-esteem, imagination, and critical thinking skill.

At the Camp, they learn, not by being taught, but by experiencing, engaging and working well with the others. Plying on their sense of adventure and inquisitiveness, the young minds are driven to realistically planned mission-based (sensory) activities to thrust them to think, before engaging in purposeful actions to accomplish and achieve while having fun.    

The young adult participants will have plenty of opportunities to challenge themselves and discovering creative solutions in a safe, warm and supportive environment while cultivating meaningful relationships and experiences with others.

As part of the Hoo-Ya Camp curriculum, a English language speaking and presentation project is included. This enables them to speak and present with more confidence in the globally-essential English language that is essential to succeed in their studies and as working adults later on in their lives.

And all these are with the FUN enjoyable element in mind – HOO-YA!!


Is an invigorating program to empower young adults

The HOO-YA Camp is specially catered for YOU if you are:

  • Between 13 – 16 years old and have a basic command of English language
  • Prepared to step out of your comfort zone to explore and experience to enrich yourself
  • Passionate about wanting to speak confidently and have a natural conversation with others in the English language 
  • Ready to participate fully in the FUN (soft) skilled-based activities in the outdoors (never overly strenuous, by the way)

Participants who successfully completes the 3 Days HOO-YA Camp will each receive a certificate of completion.

Learning outcomes:

  • Increased confidence in interacting with others
  • More enthusiasm in wanting to share and work with others
  • Increased confidence in  English speaking skill

3 Days / 2 Nights Program includes:

  • Experience facilitators to run the program with all activities as indicated in itinerary
  • Camping materials including Tents, ground sheets and pads and pillows (excludes personal items such as sleeping bags ) or 2 nights accommodation (dormitory style) – separated by genders
  • Transportation to and from designated point in Kuala Lumpur / Petaling Jaya to Program site and back
  • Meals (halal) as specified in itinerary
  • HOO-YA Certificate of Achievement for all participants
  • Group Insurance for all participants
  • Prizes for the winning team of Project A


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