Apple Magic Trackpad Rubber Pad Hack

Apple-Magic-Trackpad replacementIf you are using Apple’s Magic Trackpad there is a likelihood that one day the rubber pads at the bottom of the unit goes missing. I think the design is a bit flimsy and it is very easy for these rubber pads to come out from under the trackpad if you push the unit around on your table. Although you can still use the Magic Trackpad and still retain most of its functions, there are some functions that you cannot do and one of it is text select and this can be annoying.

This hack I am going to show you is for Apple’s ealier version of the Magic Trackpad. They have since come out with the Magic Trackpad 2 – not so sure if they have addressed this issue. Leave your comment below.

Anyway, getting back to the replacement rubber pads, I am now using something which I found from the local hardware store. The brand name is Hyderon. These are polyurethane self-adhesive bumpers. You will need to get the ones with a diameter of  7mm. These polyurethane pads will fit in snugly into the holes.

In terms of the height of these pads they are slightly lower than the original but still enough for you to perform your clicks on the left and right corners of your trackpad. These packs are really cheap. And if you lose them, you can always replace them with new ones.

magic trackpad bumper hack_opt

The photo above shows the replacement polyurethane pads. When you want to place them make sure the hole is clean and free of dust and debris. Cleaning with isopropyl alcohol or lighter fluid to remove any stickiness.magic trackpad replacement buttons_opt

As you can see, it is not very thick, but high enough than the white base plate – so you can still click when you press the left or right edges.

how to replace magic trackpad rubber pads_opt

Hope you find this useful. Leave your comment below if you have any other method of addressing this problem 🙂



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