7 Running Tips for the Adventure Lover

An adventure lover should be fit, then only can you enjoy the activity more and keep up with your group. One of the best ways to keep fit is by running. Yes, almost everyone can run but it is not that easy especially if you are just starting out. I am listing here 7 running tips on how you can break into the activity of running. You will see your fitness level improve and you will not be winded when you are participating in your outdoor adventure.

TIP No. 1 – Warm and cool down

When you are just starting this point is extremely important, however, commonly overlooked. But by doing some dynamic stretching and three minutes of walking before, and the same amount of both afterward, it will not only make your present run more enjoyable, but will better prepare your body for the next level.

Tip No. 2 – Flat is Best

Try to find a flat paved path – this will be a good choice when starting out. Walk 30 minutes per day for several days. Do this for three weeks before actually starting to run. This will toughen up your ankles and knees so that they get used to the additional stress.

Then gradually start to include running into your program at the rate of 15 to 60 seconds of running every two to four minutes of walking. As your body adapts, start running more and walking less until you are exclusively running.

Tip No. 3 – Minimize Injury and Discomfort

Not having the proper footwear or trying to run too soon on an uneven surface is a recipe for injury. Before running, be sure to get fitted with a good pair of running shoes preferably from a running store. Avoid buying online as they may not fit properly.

Women should invest in a sports bra made for running that gives them good support regardless of their breast size. For both men and women, purchase running clothes made from a good wicking material. Check the seams and make sure they are covered; otherwise it can cause painful chafing.

Best place to shop for sports and outdoor equipment in Malaysia nowdays? Decathlon is my favourite!

Tip No 4 – Carry Extra Weight

You can bring a higher intensity to your exercise just by adding weight. All you need to do is pack a backpack with weights and carry this with you in your running regimen. This will adapt your body to your outdoor activity later when you are more likely to be carrying a backpack with outdoor gear in them. Every extra 10% of your body weight you carry in the back pack will burn an extra 9% of calories during your running activity.

Tip No. 5 – Do the Talk Test

To know if you are running at the right speed, use the talk test. While running, you should be able to carry on a broken conversation or recite the lyrics of your favourite song if running alone. If you can’t, then you are running too hard. Slow down!

Tip No. 6 – Mix in other activities

Running is a great sport, but if that is all you do, the constant repetitive action takes its toll on your lower body. Mix in some other activities such as weight training, Pilates, biking, pool exercises, etc. Not only does it give you some variety and prevent boredom, but it uses other muscles and joints and takes some of the pressure off the ones you use when running.

Tip No. 7 – Last of the running tips: Set a Goal and Track Your Progress

We all must work toward something. Otherwise, we don’t know if we are making progress or not and will soon lose interest. Make your goal something definitive, such as reducing your run time by a certain number of minutes.

There are so many apps nowdays in your iphone or android phone which you can use. They can track your progress, see how much ground you have covered, calories burnt and save those data for you. Check out apps like Runtastic, Runkeeper and Strava. There are a few others too. Some are free to use and also those that you will need to buy.

Use these tips to not only improve your enjoyment of running, but to also reduce the risk of injury.

There you go… I hope you found the running tips here useful as an adventure lover. Feel free to check the like & share button below. Don’t forget if you have any other tips to share put them in the comment section below.  🙂

Izz Idris / My Adventure Host


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