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Drum Circle Team Building Kuala Lumpur

What better way to bring your team together than in creating fun rhythmic expressions.

Bring your team together to experience the magic of synergy through music, boost morale and bring an element of fun to the workplace while increasing the bottom line.

Drum Circle Team Building Kuala Lumpur :

Our program will demonstrate that when you come from a place of play, from a place of willing enjoyment you are more efficient andrum circle team bonding activity in kuala lumpur_optd more productive! You can expect an interactive teambuilding event that will energize and empower a group of professionals as well as promote a deeper sense of camaraderie.

We will drum, sing dance and smile together as we explore the power of teamwork and community within your place of business.

We will bring a drum or hand held percussion instrument for everyone and facilitate a cohesive musical experience. All events are tailored to your specifications including buzzwords and themes from your organization.

kuala lumpur drum circle team building_optWe will use drumming as the vehicle for creating connections in the workplace. We will talk about the metaphorical similarities between a drum circle and your work place by demonstrating how a group can come together to create one fluid experience with the sum being larger than the individual parts.

We will also show the correlation between the need for respect, commitment, endurance and concentration as well as the need to let go and truly be in the moment.

Participants will feel more alive and ready to face day to day challenges as well as share a deeper sense of camaraderie among their co-workers.

Get in touch with us if you need further information or a quotation for your upcoming event.


1. Builds effective teams and empowers the organization.

2. Promotes the concept of SERVANT-LEADERSHIP in the individual and also the organization.

3. Promotes creativity and the ‘can-do’ mindset.

4. Opens minds to new ideas.

5. Promotes self-confidence by removing fear and shyness.

6. Promotes the concept of ‘teaching-without-teaching’ methodology.

7. Participants learn by self-discovery facilitated by our training consultants.

8. Facilitates communication – listening skills and body language.

9. Builds trust and confidence.

10. Inspires community spirit and oneness towards a common goal.

11. Enhances wellness and health.

12. Helps reduce stress and releases negative energy.

13. It’s fun, fun, fun!

Get your turn to conduct the drum circle

Get your turn to conduct the drum circle

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Hope you found the details here helpful and that you are ready to get one organized for your team.

Contact us for details on the team building program.


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    I am interested to learn the African Drum do you have instructor who offer lesson.

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    Can you contact me URGENTLY about drum circle team building in Kulala Lumpur

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