9 Important Questions On White Water Rafting Sungai Selangor and Slim River

9 Important Questions On White Water Rafting Sungai Selangor and Slim River1. When is the best time to go rafting?

As we do not experience any cold weather in Malaysia, white-water rafting (especially on Sungai Slim and Sungai Selangor) is available year round. Anytime is a good time to go rafting. The water’s average temperature is 23-27ºC. Although we may experience the normal wet and dry seasons, they will only affect the river characteristics such as producing bigger rapids when there is rain and making rafting more technical with lesser water. Here, these is always water (and rapids) all year round. However, should the river become dangerous to raft during the wet season, you will be informed beforehand of any trip cancellation or postponement.

2. Who can go whitewater rafting?

We have taken from 10 year olds to 70 year olds on our rafting trip. As long as you are in a reasonably good physical condition, white-water rafting will be an exciting outdoor recreation. Non-swimmers are welcomed on Sungai Slim or Sungai Selangor, provided they are comfortable with the possibility that they might “take a swim”, that is, fall out of the raft. In this case their PFD would keep them afloat until they are pulled back into the raft. Medical Condition People with a history of heart trouble, asthma, epilepsy, allergy to bee stings and insect bites, or any other potentially serious medical condition should consult their doctor before coming on a rafting trip. Pregnancy For safety and liability reasons, we advise pregnant women not to participate in any of our activities. Children Children from 10 years old can come rafting with their parent’s permission. They can start with Sungai Slim. Depending on the confidence level of the child (assesed by our Trip Leader) he/she may be allowed to go through the stronger rapids if he/she is comfortable doing so, otherwise, we will walk them along the river bank to bypass the stronger rapids (with the help of a guide of course).

3. Which river is best for us?

Two of the most popular rivers to raft which are just a few hours away form Kuala Lumpur are Sungai Selangor and Sungai Slim. Sungai Slim is a Grade 3 river and Sungai Selangor a Grade 4 river. If you have not rafted before, we highly recommend Sungai Slim as it is easier than Sungai Selangor. After taming Sungai Slim, you can then conquer Sungai Selangor. If you have rafted before, then we recommend Sungai Selangor. If you want plenty of fun & thrills then Slim River with its numerous rapids is highly recommended.

4. How many people ride in each raft?

Our rafts can accommodate 6 people. There are 2 river guides to a raft. So there will be up to 8 people on the raft. Your river guides may arrange your seating to distribute your weight or reduce the number on people on the raft to make it lighter. The width of our rafts are 5 feet 6 inches. Some of the river channels are very narrow measuring only 2 to 3 feet. You may wonder how we can ever get through them. No, I won’t give you the answer here..I’ll save them for when we meet you on the trip.

5. Is rafting dangerous?

Rafting is thrilling, exciting, wet, wild and unbelievably fun. That said, as with all outdoor adventure activities, rafting involves an element of inherent risk. Our guides are trained to manage and minimize these risks, and, statistically, rafting is far safer than many other outdoor sports. The most common injury on most rafting trips is sunburn, and most other injuries occur on land, especially when getting into and out of the rafts. We take many first timers as well as those who do not consider themselves strong swimmers on our rafting trips all the time and they have a great time! When you raft with us, all of your equipment, from your US Coast Guard Safety Standard personal flotation device (PFD), to your lightweight, reinforced, T-grip paddle, to your virtually indestructible, self-bailing, compartmented and unsinkable raft, is state-of-the-art and will serve you well. Your guide will teach you the principle of self-rescue and will also have his eye on you should you accidentally bump out of the raft. He will quickly work with your paddle companions to help you get back in the raft.

6. How easy is it to learn to raft?

It’s easy! Our experienced guides will teach you the basics including everything from how to hold your paddle, how to turn the raft, how to stop or pick up speed and what to do if you fall out. We make sure you are comfortable, relaxed and having fun from start to finish.

7. What happens on a typical trip?

You’ll will meet us at a designated rendezvous place and time such as your office. You will be transported to Sungai Slim or Kuala Kubu Bharu (Sungai Selangor). The journey will take approximately 1 1⁄2 hours. When we arrive at our Put-In Point your Trip Leader will issue you a PFD, paddle and helmet. You will then listen to our 40 minute safety briefing about how you, your team members and your guide will work together as a team on the water. Then you and your friends will head to your raft! As you go through your expedition, we will make a stop to rest. You will be given mineral water, fresh fruits, and chocolates to restock your energy and take a breather. Once everyone has rested we will continue rafting on the river until we reach our take-out point. From here, you will head back to the base camp to relax, brag to your friends about your experience on the river, shower and change into your dry clothes. Then you can head for the buffet line for the most delicious buffet lunch this side of the world. (Boy, when you’re hungry everything taste delicious!) We are the only company which have permanent base camps at both rivers. The basecamps are covered with changing/shower facilities, toilets and dining area. Once everyone has rested, we will drive you back to our rendezvous point earlier in the morning. You should arrive back at about 4.00pm (approximately).

8. Can I bring my camera?

If you want to bring a camera, we highly recommend bringing an underwater camera or at least a disposable underwater camera. There IS a likelihood of your normal camera getting wet as there is water everywhere. We have seen many expensive cameras totally destroyed by water. If you lose your disposable camera it’s not the end of the world. (But remember to check with your guide before taking photos–they may need you to paddle!)

If you are organising a group outing with us, we recommend you appoint our photographer to take your action photos for you. That way you can be assured of getting the best action shots of you going through the rapids. Memories for you to keep in your albums, and on your Facebook and blog.


Grade I [Easy]
Fast water with ripples or waves all dangers are obvious, negligible risk to swimmers, easy self-rescue

Grade II [Novice]
Straightforward rapids with regular waves easy to medium drop-offs (chutes, ledges, falls) eddies and shear zones are easily negotiated best passage evident without scouting

Grade III [Intermediate]
Rapids with moderate, irregular waves, breakers, rollers and back eddies. Scouting in advance is advised for inexperienced parties

Grade IV [Advanced]
High, irregular waves, breakers, powerful back eddies, whirlpools and sharp bends. Powerful but predictable rapids requiring precise handling in difficult water. Moderate to high risk to swimmers, group rescue is often required. Advance scouting is required.

Grade V [Expert]
Extremely long and/or violent rapids, often containing large, unavoidable obstacles, holes, steep banks, and turbulent water very fast currents with powerful whirlpools and boiling back eddies rescue is often difficult for experts. Advance scouting may be difficult

Grade VI [Extreme]
Upper limit of present-day skills and equipment and only for teams of experts, taking all safety precautions unexplored or uncharted rapids where navigation may be very difficult to impossible. Luck often considered an important part of a successful negotiation.


[1] Experience pristine jungle setting with a stunning rainforest scenery without any maddening crowds [2] Our basecamp is located next to an Orang Asli village. [3] 4WD transport to take you to the put-in point. An Indiana Jones styled adventure in itself! [4] Passing through some Orang Asli villages enroute [4] Body surfing on some safe parts of the rapids [5] Hydraulics will toss your raft as though you are in the spin cycle of a washing machine [7] More NEW friends to add onto your Facebook [8] Plenty of durian, mangosteen and rambutans to enjoy during the fruit season


[1] Kuala Lumpur to Tanjung Malim – 1.5 hr road journey [2] Tangung Malim to Ulu Slim – 35 min drive [3] Ulu Slim to Put-in Point – 30 min by 4WD / transport provided [4] Safety briefing will be conducted prior to rafting [5] Rafting will take between 2 – 2.5 hours [6] Rafting will be on a 7km stretch of the river – over 20 rapids and numerous channels [7] 2 river guides to a raft [8] 5-6 rafters to a raft [9] Best to come already in your rafting attire – eg. t-shirt & shorts [10] Natural flowing river – no DAM to regulate river flow


White water Rafting Kuala Lumpur

White Water Rafting Kuala Lumpur

Thinking of doing some White-water Rafting while you are in Kuala Lumpur?

Welcome! If you were looking for white-water rafting somewhere near Kuala Lumpur or you may have typed in “white water rafting Kuala Lumpur“, then you have come to the right place.

We have got all the information you need on white-water rafting here because there are several rivers which you can raft on.

Kuala Lumpur White Water Rafting Malaysia

You can even book your white-water rafting adventure right on this web page by using the booking form found further below. Need an even faster response? Don’t worry..just call or text/sms/whatsapp to +6.019.3849691 to us from wherever you are in the world for a quick reply. We will respond to your enquiry as soon as we can.

If you’re coming from Kuala Lumpur, although there are several white water rafting rivers to choose from, we highly recommend you coming white water rafting on Sungai Selangor.

By the way, “Sungai” is the Malay word for river.


The staging point for Sungai Selangor White water Rafting is located about 10 minutes away from the quaint little town of Kuala Kubu Bharu.

The great thing about Sungai Selangor is that not only is it a higher grade river but it is also only 1 hour away from Kuala Lumpur. The whole program can be completed in a day and you would be back into the city by late afternoon.

This fast-paced “creek run” river is a fantastic 7km journey through one of the most scenic areas available with rain forests and even waterfalls. So, do plan to come white-water rafting with us especially if you are game for some outdoor adventure with plenty of water to boot. It will truly be a day filled with adventure, fun and excitement.

Remember we welcome beginners and experienced rafters alike. We have rafting runs daily – so come and make your booking with us today!

kuala lumpur water rafting 1


[1] You will be entering a pristine jungle setting – no maddening crowd
[2] Scenic waterfalls
[3] “Lazy river” towards the end of your adventure. You can float on the river
[4] Body surfing on some safe parts of the rapids
[5] “Chicken Drop”- This rapid will sometimes want to fold your raft in two
[6] Hydraulics will toss your raft as though you are in the spin cycle of a washing machine
[7] “2nd Canyon” – Wham!, Bam! and Look Out, another rapid up ahead!
[8] Make NEW friends


Come white-water rafting on Sungai Selangor! We now depart daily.

Minimum 2 pax per booking. If you are travelling alone, check with us. We may have other people booked on the same day as you.

We have 2 meet up locations in Kuala Lumpur for your transport.
1. Tun Sambanthan Monorail Station, KL or
2. Bangsar LRT Station KL

Hotel pick up and drop off can also be arranged at a nominal charge. Refer to rate table below.

Start time in KL : 8.00am
End time in KL : Approx. 03.30pm
Payment Types: Full payment upon confirmation. Invoice will be sent via Paypal



08.00am Meet at the pick up location by a MyAdventureHost crew. Proceed to Kuala Kubu Bharu.
09.30am Arrive Kuala Kubu Bharu and proceed to the put in point.
10.00am Arrive at the Put-in Point. Gear-up and safety briefing.
11.00am White-water rafting adventure on Sungai Selangor begins
12.00am Stop midway for snacks and rest. Then continue on for the remaining half of the journey on the river
1.30pm Arrive at the basecamp. Shower, change and lunch.
2.00pm Depart for Kuala Lumpur.
3.00pm Arrive back in K. Lumpur.
Timings are approximate only and a rough guide.
Time taken to raft will depend on water volume and capability of the rafters.
Pick up time on the actual day is firm.


Here’s the checklist

[1] River sandals or laced up shoes for wearing on raft
[2] Swimming attire or t-shirt and shorts
[3] Towel, soap & shampoo
[4] Sunscreen lotion/bug spray – personal preference
[5] Personal medication – if any
[6] Straps to secure your glasses – if you wear glasses
[7] Goggles if you wear contact lenses – personal preference
[8] A set of clothes to change into after your rafting
[9] Plastic bag for your wet clothes
[10] Some drinking water.



Add on the transportation charges if you require transportation from Kuala Lumpur (from KL Sentral Station). Let’s say you have 4 people, this is how you calculate:
Rafting Package RM190 x 4 pax = RM760.00 + MPV Transportation RM420.00
Total for 4 pax is RM1180.00 (Average of RM295.00 per person for a group of 4).

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Why You Should Come Rafting with Us

Thousands from all over the world have come and enjoyed White-water Rafting with us every year.

We have an excellent safety record and will ensure you will have an enjoyable day out. In Malaysia, with our tropical weather, white-water rafting is available all year round.

Booking Terms and Cancellation Policy

[1] Upon receiving your request to book, we will send you the confirmation via email. If the date is full, you will be informed accordingly. An alternative date may be provided.
[2] Together with the confirmation you will also receive our invoice which will be sent via Paypal. A deadline for payment will be advised in the invoice. If no payment is received by the deadline indicated, your booking will auto-cancel.
[3] You will be required to rebook if your booking has been auto-cancelled and confirmation will be subject to availability.
[4] All cancellations must be done via email no less than 48 hours prior to your rafting date/departure time.
[5] No refund will be entertained if you cancel less than this stipulated time. No refund for no show.
[6] If you have made your cancellation above the stipulated deadline, you are entitled to a refund subject to a RM85.00 administrative fee.



white water rafting kuala lumpur 2_opt

white water rafting kuala lumpur 1_opt

white water rafting kuala lumpur 3

kuala lumpur white water rafting 1


Gopeng White Water Rafting

white water rafting gopengGOPENG WHITE WATER RAFTING – best water based outdoor adventure in Perak!

If you are planning to do several adventure activities in one go, the head for Gopeng. This little town in the state of Perak is a 2 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur northbound on the North-South Expressway (exit Gopeng Toll) and only 30 minutes from Ipoh. It’s like the Queenstown of South-East Asia! At least to my standards! Details about our Gopeng White Water Rafting is below 🙂

Well, if you want more information on it it’s here:

White-water Rafting is the most popular outdoor adventure program here. You will be rafting on the Kampar River and for those who are planning to stay a day or 2 the our package will suit you well. Kampar River is a grade 1-3 white-water rafting river. So it’s suitable for first-timers wanting to try out this sport, adventurous moms & dads who want to start their kids young (and probably show how cool they are – at least to their kids).gopeng water rafting

Besides white-water rafting there are several other activities which are very popular:

* water fall abseiling at Ulu Geruntum
* Cave exploration at Gua Kandu and Gua Tempurung
* Trekking in search of the largest flower in the world – the Rafflesia
* Paintball
* River tubing

and many more. So you have plenty to keep yourself occupied during your stay.
There are 2 white water rafting runs per day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

White water rafting prices are from RM140.00 per person based on a group of 5 people.
You can book with us by contacting us via voice/text/sms/whatsapp on +6019 384-9691 or use this RESERVATION FORM

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A Full Day of Adventure in Ulu Slim

A Full Day of Adventure in Ulu Slim: Visit to the Hotspring / 4X4 off-roading / Trekking / Swimming at the Lata Manik Waterfall / White water Rafting Slim River

full day adventure ulu slim perak

How would you like to come to Ulu Slim and have a full day of fun, adventure and excitement? As you may know, Ulu Slim is famous for its white water rafting river – Slim River.

Many people who come on their outdoor activity at Ulu Slim just come for white water rafting. They enjoy the Grade III river very much but when they finish by 1.30pm they want to do more stuff. It is understandable because getting here from Kuala Lumpur would already take them about 1 hour 30 minutes and if they were coming from Ipoh maybe an hour.

I have been asked many times by our guests “So, Izz are there anything else to do around here besides white water rafting?” That got me thinking because I know for sure that there are so many things that one can do while they are spending their day here. Well, let me tell you .. there are.

So I sat down with the team of local guides and we have come up with a FULL DAY ADVENTURE. One that starts early in the morning at 9.00am and does not finish until 4.30pm in the evening. We have put together the program to make sure we have covered most of the highlights found in the area. That’s almost 8 hours worth of activities and experiences.

Ok, let me introduce to you the program. It’s the FULL DAY ULU SLIM ADVENTURE. It’s awesome because we have put in so many activities in it.

The highlights of the program are


  • You’ll visit the Ulu Slim Hotspring. It’s not just any normal hotspring because it is the hottest in the country at 104ºC! We’ll show you how to use the hot water to prepare one of our snacks we will be taking up to the Lata Manik waterfall.
  • Your adventure starts with a ride on our 4WD vehicles on a off-roading journey past lakes, vegetable plantations, up and down hills, and wading a stream before we arrive at Kampung Tibang about 40 minutes away from Ulu Slim. A truly memorable experience.
  • After that a short trek to the Lata Manik water fall. ‘Manik’ is the Orang Asli word for rain. This waterfall is secluded and unknown to the general public. We prefer to leave it that way to preserve the beauty around the area by bringing only small groups at a time.
  • Have a refreshing swim in the cool and crystal clear waterfall. You will have your picnic lunch here.
  • After lunch, we’ll head back from Kampung Tibang and hop onto the 4WD’s and proceed to Kuala Tibang for our white water rafting! Get ready for your extreme adventure down the river with your buddies. Can you conquer the river? Will you flip at ‘Jeram Kotak’ a rapid with a 3.5meter fall? Rafting on this river is a truly memorable experience for anyone who comes.
  • Evening tea at Kampung Ulu Slim amidst the calm serenity of the village. We’ll share our experiences as we enjoy our meal together.

video credit: daniel douglas on youtube

This full day package includes

  • Your activities: visit to the Ulu Slim Hostpring, trekking to Lata Manik, swim & picnic at the waterfall, and white water rafting on Slim River
  • Your 4WD transportation to get to all these places during your activities
  • White water rafting equipment: rafts, helmets, paddles, life vests
  • Your picnic lunch, on-river snacks and evening tea
  • Our My Adventure Host crew and local guides during your activities

Other Information

Meeting Point: Kampung Ulu Slim, Slim River, Perak
If you are using WAZE or Google Maps just key in ‘KOLAM AIR PANAS ULU SLIM’ and this will get you right to our doorstep.
Meet Up Time: 9.00am
End Time: 4.30pm
Availability: We require a minimum of 5 pax per booking to confirm

Things to Bring

i. A change of clothes and towel
ii. Toiletries
iii. Personal medication
iv. Footwear (suitable for trekking & rafting)
v. Camera
vi. Small day pack to carry your personal items

Package Price

RM260.00 per person
Based on min 5 pax per booking.
Price is valid from 1 Jan 2017 until further notice.
Contact us for GROUP RATES.

How to Book

Whatsapp / Call: +6 019 3849691 or
Email: helpdesk@myadventurehost.com

trekking to waterfall at ulu slim_opt

lata manik ulu slim perak_opt


Slim River White Water Rafting in Malaysia

So there you go.
I think I have covered all the important information for you. But if you have any question, just whatsapp or email and I’ll help you anyway I can!

izz idris (1)

Queenstown Rafting Kawarau River

Queenstown Rafting Kawarau River: A white water adventure like no other!

The Kawarau River is ideal for first time rafters or suited to those looking for a more relaxed rafting experience, or groups of mixed ability/ages. There’s plenty of white water action, but also time to sit back, relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery. Keep an eye on the other rafts though, as there’s a good chance of a water fight. It’s the Kawarau River that starred as the River Anduin in Lord of the Rings. The grandeur of the canyons imparts a feeling of paddling through the heart of Middle Earth. Enjoy the unforgettable 400m long Dog Leg rapid- New Zealand’s longest commercially rafted rapid before returning to Queenstown for a sauna and shower at Cavells Rafting Lodge.

Experience the adrenaline-charged thrill of white-water rafting on Queenstown’s Kawarau River! As you paddle through the stunning scenery, you’ll feel like you are rafting through the heart of Middle-earth, as it was the Kawarau River that starred as the River Anduin in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ movie trilogy. This grade II to III rafting trip is suitable for all fitness levels, and no experience is necessary. Queenstown Rafting Kawarau River – details as follows:


  • White-water rafting on the Kawarau River
  • Power through grade II to III rapids as your expert guide gives you rafting tips
  • Take in the breathtaking New Zealand scenery surrounding the river
  • Perfect for first-time rafters
  • Warm up after rafting by relaxing in the sauna

Why Our Insiders Chose This Tour

River rafting in New Zealand is a must-do experience, and this particular white-water rafting tour is good for everyone! It’s exciting but not too high of a class of rapids.

Queenstown Rafting Kawarau River
Photocredit: Queenstown Rafting (on Flickr) www.flickr.com/photos/queenstownrafting

What You Can Expect

From central Queenstown, travel approximately 25 minutes by road to the rafting start point on the Kawarau River. After you are fitted with a wetsuit and lifejacket, receive some training and a full safety briefing from your expert guide. Then it’s time to hit the river!

From the moment you push off from the riverbank, begin experiencing the endless excitement of the Kawarau River. Hold on tight and enjoy the rush of adrenaline as your raft twists and turns through the rushing grade II and III rapids.

Your guide will help you paddle along the river and show you the best way to navigate the rapids. Between the thrills, don’t forget to look around as you travel through some of New Zealand’s most spectacular alpine scenery. If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, you may recognize some of your surrounds from the movie trilogy.

At the end of your rafting adventure, warm up with a sauna and hot shower at the rafting base, and perhaps reward your new or improved rafting skills with a well-earned hot chocolate, beer or snack (available for purchase from the licensed bar).


  • Hotel pickup (morning tour only)
  • Use of hot showers and sauna facilities
  • Wetsuit, rafting clothing and all other equipment provided
  • Extensive safety instructions and paddling techniques


  • Hotel pickup for afternoon departures
  • Hotel drop-off
  • Food and drinks

Additional info

  • Confirmation will be received at time of booking
  • Minimum age is 13 years. Children aged between 13 and 15 years must be accompanied by a guardian
  • All travelers between the age of 15 and 18 years require a waiver to be signed by a guardian if they are unaccompanied
  • You must bring a swimsuit and towel
  • Travelers MUST have a “minimum weight” of 88 pounds  (40kg) to participate on this tour
  • Water confidence although not essential is recommended

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My Adventure Host is promoting this program an affiliate of Viator (a Trip Advisor company).
This tour is conducted by agents selected by Viator. Your booking will be processed on Viator’s website.
The complete information about this program is available on Viator’s website.

Cairns white water Rafting Tully River

Want to go white water rafting on your vacation to Tropical North Queensland? Go rafting on the the Tully River on this action packed full-day white water rafting adventure from Cairns! The Tully River rafting adventure, one of Australia’s most popular rafting excursions, winds through World Heritage Rainforest and offers rapids up to grade 4.

Take me to the booking site


  • Action packed Tully River white water rafting full-day adventure from Cairns
  • 5-hours rafting through Tully River — more than 45 rapids
  • Rapids are graded to 4 — perfect for all levels of experience
  • Raft through World Heritage Rainforest
  • Enjoy a riverside BBQ lunch including refreshments
  • English-speaking informative and enthusiastic river guides
  • Hotel pick up and drop off from centrally located Cairns and Northern Beaches


One of the most amazing rafting adventures! Start out with the more challenging rapids to get the adrenaline flowing, then stop for a well-earned lunch before taking it a bit easier in the afternoon. The guides are very focused on your safety and enjoyment throughout. One of my all-time favorites!

  • Rafting at Tully Gorge
  • All rafting equipment (except shoes)
  • Experienced river guides
  • Hotel pickup and drop off (except from Tully)
  • BBQ lunch
  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Photos (available for purchase)
  • Rafting shoes (available to hire)
  • The listed price does not include a AUD 30.00 per person On-board levy, payable at the time of tour check-in. The levy is required by our local supplier and is not within our control.
Additional info
  • Confirmation will be received at time of booking, unless you are booking within 7 days of travel. In this case, confirmation will be received within 48 hours, subject to availability
  • Children aged 13-18 years require a Parents or Guardians counter signature on waiver form
  • Minimum age is 13 years
  • Adult pricing applies to all travelers
Departure / end point

Cairns and Northern Beaches or Mission Beach accommodation or Feluga Hotel

Departure time: 8:30am
Hotel pickups commence prior to this time, you must contact the local service provider to verify your exact pickup time.
Duration: 12 hours (approx.)
Return details: Returns to original departure point

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My Adventure Host is promoting this program an affiliate of Viator (a Trip Advisor company).
This tour is conducted by agents selected by Viator. Your booking will be processed on Viator’s website.
The complete information about this program is available on Viator’s website.


5 Top Adventure Activities as Day Trips from Kuala Lumpur

Are you going to be in Kuala Lumpur for business or on vacation? What do you plan to do for recreation while you are there. Here are a few suggestions – the 5 top adventure activities as day trips from Kuala Lumpur. They are great ways to add fun and excitement to your stay when you are visiting Malaysia or it’s capital.

5 Top Adventure Activities as Day Trips from Kuala Lumpur

1. White Water Rafting. This is a great way to have fun in the outdoors and really get the adrenaline flowing. You can get fantastic rates on packages. Since the rivers are outside of the city, transportation is also included. When you and your team have spent the week surrounded by skyscrapers and the hurry-burry of the city, this can be a great way to blow off some steam and enjoy the beautiful side of Malaysia. Rafting is definitely something to consider.

2. All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). Whether you just want a quick half hour of enjoyment, or a grueling 4 hour run through the mud, an ATV tour will give you the opportunity to enjoy some adventure and take in the beautiful jungle just outside of Kuala Lumpur.

3. SkyTrex Adventure. The adventure awaits just a brief 40 minute trip for Kuala Lumpur. Do you want to spend your time flying high in the jungles of Malaysia? Then this is the perfect day trip for you. Whether you want to be 10 feet off the ground or 70, there are aerial obstacles for you to enjoy. This is a great day of fun for those who like their adventure to be Eco-friendly. This activity is always in demand so we recommend that you book in advance. They accept bookings and payment online. Give it a go!

4. Trekking to Chilling Falls. Three vertical waterfall await to reward you for completing your journey. This is for people who prefer a quiet type of adventure. You’ll walk across a suspension bridge. See a fish sanctuary and also some beautiful and rare orchids in the wild. Follow a clear trail that will cross rivers 5 times during your travels. Enjoy the beauty of all three waterfalls that the path will lead you to.

5. Cycling and White Water Rafting in a Day. It isn’t the triathlon, but you’ll get a great day of adventure and exercise when you combine cycling and white water rafting. The cycling will get your lower body worked out. Then the rafting will work the upper body to its limits. You’ll take the scenic route and enjoy many of the country’s beautiful sites. Gear for both parts of your journey are all included in one price.

Whether you want to play in the mud, the water, or in the air, there is an adventure just waiting for you in Kuala Lumpur. So regardless of why you will be in the city, make sure that you have a day to play, and select one of these five adventurous day trips to be the highlight of your stay. Have fun during your stay in Kuala Lumpur!

Top rated tours in Kuala Lumpur


Still not sure of what activities to undertake? Well, why don’t you just leave your questions below. We will try to help you make your trip to KL a memorable one!




Mid Year Special 2014 for White water Rafting Slim River

Here’s our newly launched Mid Year Special for Groups starting as small as 20pax. This package (White water rafting Slim River) is excellent especially for companies planning their mid-year activity for their employees and for those companies which have never tried bringing their team on a water based outdoor adventure before.

The whitewater rafting river is Sungai Slim (Ulu Slim, Perak). Sungai Slim is 1 hour 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur. The constant late afternoon rain is providing good water volume for white water rafting on this natural flowing river.

Whitewater rafting on these rivers will take approximately 1.5 – 2 hours with a distance of approximately 7km.



First time rafters are also welcomed. Groups to arrive and assemble at our basecamp by 9.00am.

On google maps – check out “KOLAM AIR PANAS ULU SLIM” for our basecamp location.


Yes, the time is NOW!
Booking Terms

– Places are limited. Confirmation is on first-come-first-served basis
– 50% deposit upon confirmation
– Balance must be paid 2 weeks before arrival
– Failure to pay the deposit or balance by the deadline given will result in auto-cancellation.

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Kuala Kubu Baru White Water Rafting | Our Mid Year Special is here again!

expired ratesKuala Kubu Baru White Water Rafting

Hi there!kuala kubu baru white water rafting

Planning to come white water rafting while holidaying in Kuala Lumpur? Try our Kuala Kubu Baru White water Rafting package. The journey to the location is only 1 hour from Kuala Lumpur. We offer pick-up and drop-off at the KL Sentral station in Kuala Lumpur to all our rafting guests.

This mid-year special runs from now until 31st August 2013. So here is your chance to grab this offer and come for a white water rafting experience like no other. Not only is rafting on the Sungai Selangor fantastic because it is a Grade 4 river, the scenery as you travel on your adventure is a sight to behold. Pristine rainforest with waterfalls too!

This adventure program is available every Tuesday and Wednesday of the week (Public Holiday included) and you only pay RM270.00 per person. There is no requirement for a 5 pax minimum for this trip to confirm. We only require a minimum of 2 pax to confirm. Therefore, the departures for Tuesday and Wednesday are practically confirmed.

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  • Roundtrip transportation from KL Sentral Station to Kuala Kubu Baru
  • White water rafting equipment (Raft, paddles, helmets, personal flotation device, etc)
  • Trained and experienced river guides
  • On river snacks
  • Usage of the basecamp facilities (toilets, shower, etc)
  • FREE – An exclusive rafting t-shirt! Not available for purchase.

Note: Lunch and insurance are not included.

==> You can purchase your insurance for extreme sports here <==


  • Pick Up Time: 7.45am
  • Back in Kuala Lumpur by 2.00pm
  • 1 hour journey from Kuala Lumpur
  • Rafting distance is approx 7km and will take between 1.5 – 2 hours
  • Price: RM270.00 per person
  • Require only a minimum of 2 pax to confirm the day’s trip.
  • This special promotion is valid for Tuesday and Wednesday departure until 31 August 2013
  • Booking and payment must be made online via Paypal
  • Full payment will be required at the time of booking
  • You can use your credit card or debit card such as Visa and Mastercard for payment
  • No refund if cancelled less than 72 hours before the trip.
  • Cancellation of more than 72 hours entitles you to a refund less RM85 admin fee
  • Not valid with any other offers
  • This is a direct offer to our guests. No commission scheme available for tour agents or hotel concierge.



So hope to see you on our rafting run soon! Place your booking here:

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White Water Rafting Malaysia

whitewater_rafting_ malaysiaMalaysia is a country blessed with abundance of rain and sunshine. A country with hills and mountains – both on Peninsula Malaysia and Borneo.  A land of attractive extremes, where towering skyscrapers contrast with serene rural villages. Sanctified with natural wonders galore, it is perfect for a remarkable holiday mixed with some extreme adventure. With some of the finest beaches and diving spots in the world, it is ideal for island getaways. Due to the topography of the country, Malaysia has many white water rafting rivers. Its tropical climate makes whitewater rafting available the whole year round. Do you want to know what white water rafting Malaysia is all about? Then read on..

As we enjoy warm weather throughout the year, you do not need any special attire for whitewater rafting. No specific training or skill is not required because a safety briefing will be conducted prior to the activity. Even beginners can participate in this adventure with ease. White water rafting in Malaysia has gained immense popularity in the recent past will continue into the future. The fun and adventurous activity not only attracts the locals but visitors from around the world. The greatest thing is that no specific training or skill is not required. Even beginners can participate in this adventure with ease.


Rivers have long been the means of  connecting the native people of the land. They were until now a source of food, a means of transport, and now, an avenue for adventure tourism.

The indigenous people in the country has been using sampans and rafts for centuries, but whitewater rafting has only been a popular recreational and tourist activity in Malaysia since the early 1980s. Experiences variety from the high adrenaline Grade 5 rapids to the more tranquil family rides. Some of the rivers are very remote and long, traversing through kampongs and Orang Asli settlements. There are opportunities to traverse through virgin rainforests full of birds and animal life, while others even flow past limestone caves and prehistoric archaeological sites.

MALAYSIA WHITEWATER RAFTINGWhitewater rafting can be experienced on day trip from any major cities and towns in the country. For those looking for an extended program, those are available too. In addition, it is also an excellent corporate team building activity. Parents wanting to introduce their children to outdoor adventure can even start with whitewater rafting on some lower grade rivers.

Do you want to come on a whitewater rafting adventure? The details of one of the most popular rafting program in the country is whitewater rafting on Sungai Selangor.




Of course it is. All rafting operators impose self regulation as there is no regulatory body. Safety briefing is always conducted on land before the participants go into the water. This covers the paddling commands, capsize drills, paddling skills, actions when overboard or river rescue and then further instruction is conducted in the water before setting off for the adventure trip itself.

Keep in mind, all equipment meet US Coast Guard safety standards for whitewater rafting.