Pakej Air Terjun Lata Manik dan White Water Rafting Ulu Slim

Air Terjun Lata Manik dan White Water Rafting Ulu Slim: Pakej Adventure Sehari Khas Untuk Penggemar Outdoor Yang Mencari Kelainan

Biasanya apabila seseorang penggemar outdoor itu datang ke Kampung Ulu Slim untuk beraktiviti mereka selalunya datang untuk program White water Rafting – Mengharung Arus Deras di Sungai Slim yang mempunyai jeram-jeram Gred 1 hingga 3. Kampung Ulu Slim terletak lebih kurang 30 minit daripada pekan Tanjong Malim ataupun dari pekan Slim River.

Kami ingin memperkenalkan program baru – Program ini lebih panjang yang memakan masa lebih daripada 6 jam dari pagi hingga petang. Ianya juga dimuatkan dengan pelbagai aktiviti menarik dari yang santai sehingga yang ekstrem di sekitar lokasi Ulu Slim ini.

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Pakej Perkhemahan di Slim River, Perak


pakej perkhemahan di perakBagi yang meminati program outdoor, di sekitar lokasi Kampung Ulu Slim di Slim River, Perak ini terdapat beberapa lokasi perkhemahan.  Lokasi-lokasi ini sesuai terutama untuk anda yang ingin merangka program perkhemahan. Samada untuk rekreasi semata-mata, untuk menjalankan program badan beruniform sekolah dan IPTA/IPTS, program team building,  dan lain-lain outdoor yang berkaitan.

Kampung Ulu Slim ini terletak 1 jam 30 minit perjalanan daripada Kuala Lumpur ataupun lebih kurang 1 jam dari Ipoh. Plaza tol PLUS yang terdekat adalah Behrang sekiranya anda daripada arah Utara dan tol keluar Tanjong Malim sekiranya daripada arah selatan. Dari pekan Slim River pula, ia cuma perjalanan 25 minit
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A Full Day of Adventure in Ulu Slim

A Full Day of Adventure in Ulu Slim: Visit to the Hotspring / Off-road Transfer / Trekking / Swimming at the Lata Manik Waterfall / White water Rafting Slim River

full day adventure ulu slim perak

How would you like to come to Ulu Slim and have a full day of fun, adventure and excitement? As you may know, Ulu Slim is famous for its white water rafting river – Slim River.

Many people who come on their outdoor activity at Ulu Slim just come for white water rafting. They enjoy the Grade III river very much but when they finish by 1.30pm they want to do more stuff. It is understandable because getting here from Kuala Lumpur would already take them about 1 hour 30 minutes and if they were coming from Ipoh maybe an hour.

I have been asked many times by our guests “So, Izz are there anything else to do around here besides white water rafting?” That got me thinking because I know for sure that there are so many things that one can do while they are spending their day here. Well, let me tell you .. there are.

So I sat down with the team of local guides and we have come up with a FULL DAY ADVENTURE. One that starts early in the morning at 9.00am and does not finish until 4.30pm in the evening. We have put together the program to make sure we have covered most of the highlights found in the area. That’s almost 8 hours worth of activities and experiences.

Ok, let me introduce to you the program. It’s the FULL DAY ULU SLIM ADVENTURE. It’s awesome because we have put in so many activities in it.

The highlights of the program are


  • You’ll visit the Ulu Slim Hotspring. It’s not just any normal hotspring because it is the hottest in the country at 104ºC! We’ll show you how to use the hot water to prepare one of our snacks we will be taking up to the Lata Manik waterfall.
  • Your adventure starts with a ride on our vehicles on a off-roading journey past lakes, vegetable plantations, up and down hills, and wading a stream before we arrive at Kampung Tibang about 40 minutes away from Ulu Slim. A truly memorable experience.
  • After that a short trek to the Lata Manik water fall. ‘Manik’ is the Orang Asli word for rain. This waterfall is secluded and unknown to the general public. We prefer to leave it that way to preserve the beauty around the area by bringing only small groups at a time.
  • Have a refreshing swim in the cool and crystal clear waterfall. You will have your picnic lunch here.
  • After lunch, we’ll head back from Kampung Tibang and hop onto the transport and proceed to Kuala Tibang for our white water rafting! Get ready for your extreme adventure down the river with your buddies. Can you conquer the river? Will you flip at ‘Jeram Kotak’ a rapid with a 3.5meter fall? Rafting on this river is a truly memorable experience for anyone who comes.
  • Evening tea at Kampung Ulu Slim amidst the calm serenity of the village. We’ll share our experiences as we enjoy our meal together.

video credit: daniel douglas on youtube

This full day package includes

  • Your activities: visit to the Ulu Slim Hostpring, trekking to Lata Manik, swim & picnic at the waterfall, and white water rafting on Slim River
  • Your internal transportation to get to all these places during your activities
  • White water rafting equipment: rafts, helmets, paddles, life vests
  • Your picnic lunch, on-river snacks and evening tea
  • Our My Adventure Host crew and local guides during your activities

Other Information

Meeting Point: Kampung Ulu Slim, Slim River, Perak
If you are using WAZE or Google Maps just key in ‘KOLAM AIR PANAS ULU SLIM’ and this will get you right to our doorstep.
Meet Up Time: 9.00am
End Time: 3.45pm (Approx)
Availability: We require a minimum of 5 pax per booking to confirm

Things to Bring

i. A change of clothes and towel
ii. Toiletries
iii. Personal medication
iv. Footwear (suitable for trekking & rafting)
v. Camera
vi. Small day pack to carry your personal items

Package Price

RM260.00 per person
Based on min 5 pax per booking.
Price is valid from 1 Jan 2017 until further notice.
Contact us for GROUP RATES.

How to Book

Whatsapp / Call: +6 019 3849691 or

trekking to waterfall at ulu slim_opt

lata manik ulu slim perak_opt


Slim River White Water Rafting in Malaysia

Below: Water Blob (not included in the package but can be arranged for groups of 10 pax or more).

So there you go.
I think I have covered all the important information for you. But if you have any question, just whatsapp or email and I’ll help you anyway I can!

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Code: US/MAH02


  • Aktiviti Suai Kenal
  • Pakej Family Day
  • Program Motivasi
  • Pakej Santai & De-Stress

pakej hari keluargaPAKEJ TERMASUK

  • 1 Malam Penginapan (5-6 Peserta untuk 1 unit rumah)
  • 2 x Makan Tengahari
  • 1 x Makan Malam
  • 1 x Sarapan Pagi
  • Krew/facilitator semasa program di jalankan
  • Aktiviti seperti di nyatakan



  • – Pendaftaran Peserta
  • – Makan Tengahari
  • – Telematch/Sukaneka 3 permainan
  • – Bersantai di Air Terjun Kg Ulu Slim
  • – Makan Malam
  • – Night Discovery Trek/Night Walking


  • – Sarapan Pagi
  • – Pengalaman melihat kemahiran hidup Masyarakat Orang Asli
  • – Makan Tengahari
  • – Check Out


  • – Kg Ulu Slim, Slim River, Perak
  • – Akademi Espek (Inap Ladang Sawit)


  • – 1 Unit rumah boleh di inap oleh 5 ke 6 orang peserta
  • – Setiap rumah mempunyai 2 ke 3 bilik tidur


  • RM195.00 SEORANG
  • Harga Pakej ini untuk minima 35 orang/Maksima 62 orang


  • – Pengangkutan ke Kg Ulu Slim
  • – Insuran Kemalangan/Travel insurance


2 DAY 1 NIGHT STAY AT ULU SLIM PERAK PLUS RAFTING: Comfortable stay + An Adventure You Cannot Miss!

Package Code: US/MAH01

english speaking course kuala lumpur_optAVAILABLE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR!

We are expecting excellent rafting conditions which may take some rapids up to grade 4!

Plan early and come enjoy some outdoor adventure just 1 hour 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur. Relax amidst kampung surroundings, walk to a waterfall nearby, go fishing at the lakes or rivers neaby and the best of the exciting journey down river on your whitewater rafting adventure. It is quite difficult to find comfortable accommodation or hotel in the area especially for those wanting to stay longer in Ulu Slim. We now have to solution for you. Read on..

Package Includes

  • 1 unit of air-cond homestay (2 bedroom home) on shared basis – Max 6 pax to a unit.
  • Whitewater rafting Slim River (Grade III) inclusive of all rafting equipment, river guides, transportation, on-river refreshments.
  • 6 meals provided during your stay: Day 1 Lunch / Evening Tea / Dinner / Supper. Day 2 Breakfast / Tea Break. (Add-on lunch available on the last day). Dinner can also be upgraded to a BBQ Dinner.

Package Details

  • RM365.00 per person (Minimum group size of 5 pax sharing 1 unit). Group rates are available – please enquire.
  • Valid from 1 JANUARY 2016 until further notice.
  • Confirmation is subject to availability and on first come, first served basis.

Akademi Espek Homestay

AKADEMI ESPEK COLLAGE_opt (1)Akademi Espek is a plantation stay with workers quarters being renovated and upgraded for guests’ comfortable stay. Each house is a 2 or 3 bedroom unit with toilets and showers, bedrooms, lounge area and dining area. The units are air-conditioned making them the most comfortable serviced accommodation in Kampung Ulu Slim for visitors and guests.

Whitewater Rafting Ulu Slim

Slim River is one of the most popular white water rafting river in Perak. The creek run river has numerous rapids from Grade 1 to 3 to challenge novice and experience rafters alike. The 7km rafting route takes rafters on a 2 hour journey through scenic forest area available in the country and so close to Kuala Lumpur.

How to Book

  • Confirmation is on first-come-first served basis.
  • Rates stated above are promotional rates and applicable as long as this package is available on this website.
  • 50% deposit is required to book and the balance paid in full 1 week before arrival.
  • No refund if cancelled less than 72 hours before event date.
  • Refund (less RM150 admin fee) if cancelled more than 73 hours before event date.
  • Use the form below to send in your booking.

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 (iii). 2 Day / 1 Night Gopeng Outdoor Adventure : Accommodation + Meals + Activities RM180.00 Only

Camping Trip in Malaysia – Here’s A Checklist

Camping Trip in Malaysia: Nothing is more frustrating than having left behind items you absolutely need when camping.

Whether you are a beginning camper or an experienced one, it’s always good to have a list of camping equipment you need to take with you. In fact what I do is have a few plastic containers filled with the non-perishable supplies that I always take camping. This way everything is ready to go and I don’t have to waste time looking for the items I want to bring. So you’re preparing for a Camping Trip in Malaysia – Here’s A Checklist ..

camping tips for malaysia_opt


It’s a good idea to have easy to prepare food. Make a list of the items to buy before you go out shopping. You can always check the internet for good camping recipes. Have on hand dry condiments malaysia-camping-checklistsuch as salt, pepper, some spices and sugar. Be sure to bring staples such as coffee and tea, bread, rice, tomato sauce, onions, eggs, and of course some junk food or tid-bits. Chilled items like mayonaisse, vegetables and frozen food like hotdogs, chicken, burgers etc should be stored in a cooler box. Don’t forget something to drink too. I normally prepare some ready cook items such as sambal ikan bilis, or sandwiches so there are some food to eat when we arrive at the campsite. The amount of food brought should correspond with the number of people in your group, if anyone else is bringing any food to be shared and also the length of days you will be camping. Put all your items into large plastic containers and label them.  Food left in the open can attract ants and flies. And you don’t want to attract animals or vermins to your campsite. Food kept in plastic containers won’t get damaged if it rains.

Sleeping Equipment

As you are aware, the tent is a very important part of camping. Make sure it is waterproof and has a canopy for rain run off. Include a tarp or ground sheet for under the tent. Make sure the tent is always stored in a dry place to keep it free of mildew. Include sleeping bags to keep you nice and warm and an air mattress to keep you off the ground. Don’t forget the pillows. For some people they enjoy sleeping in a hammock above ground and they now come in various designs. They are simple, light, easy to store and comfortable to sleep in.


There is nothing worse than walking around a campsite without light. Bring a lantern either powered by propane or batteries. LED lights are also good because the consume much less power and bright. Include a good heavy duty flashlight and it’s always good to have a spare one. Don’t forget the extra batteries.

camping checklist for malaysia-1Cooking Utensils

Include a frying pan, camp stove with fuel, pot with lid, grill, spatula, dish cloths, coffee pot, dishwashing (liquid or solid) and food tongs. Charcoal and metal mesh if you want to barbeque.

First Aid Kit

A great ideas is to put together a waterproof container filled with the following supplies that you keep stored with your camping equipment and is always ready to go. Be sure to include some Panadol, anti-histamine cream and tablets, antibiotic cream, antiseptic, band-aids/bandages, tweezers, sunscreen lotion, bug repellent, antacid tablets and a box of pre-moistened towels such as baby wipes. If you don’t want to assemble a kit, you can easily buy one from the pharmacy. They come in various sizes. Just check the expiry date of the items inside before paying.

Personal Items

Once again it’s a great idea to keep these items stored in a waterproof container for easy accessibility. Include bar of soap, hand sanitizer, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush, razor and shaving cream, deodorant, comb/brush, washcloth and towels.

camping trip in malaysia_opt

Miscellaneous Supplies

Here are some things that will help make your camping experience a good one.

  • Water bottles
  • Tools such as hammer, screwdriver and pliers
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Plastic plates, plastic knives, forks, and spoons.
  • Paper towels
  • Trash Bags
  • Tablecloth
  • Charcoal
  • Fire starter
  • Matches/lighter
  • Small shovel
  • Duct tape for emergency repairs
  • GPS (I have ditched the compass).
  • Parang
  • Pocket knife
  • Dishpan, scrub pad and dish soap

Communications / Gadgets

  • Some places may not have network coverage but it is good to bring along your smartphone with GPS and map app installed. Get aquainted with these apps you have installed and know how to use them especially on navigating back to your starting point.
  • GPS standalone unit with fresh batteries – they are more sturdy than a smartphone.
  • Powerbank and cables to recharge your gadgets
  • Camera


Looking for a place to Camp? Come to our’s. We are located near Kampung Ulu Slim, in Slim River, Perak. Voice/Whatsapp 019-3849691

How to plan an outdoor program for your company staff?

How to plan an outdoor program for your company staff?

how to plan an outdoor program for your company staffWe receive many enquiries for companies that want to plan an outdoor program for their staff. The main reasons are they want their staff to taste some outdoor adventure and create the opportunity for the staff in the company to spend time together due to their hectic workload and stress. With that in mind here is our article on how to plan an outdoor program for your company staff.

Because our adventure camp which is located in Kampung Ulu Slim, Slim River, Perak is within easy reach of major cities and towns like Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Puchong, Ipoh etc this makes it an excellent choice for your outdoor adventure location. To be frank, not many people are comfortable to stay for extended periods of time outdoors and sleeping in tents. Therefore, we have put together a package which is only 2 days and 1 night and it also includes some challenging and fun activities so your team can play and challenge themselves. Putting up tents and sleeping under the stars for just one night is acceptable to many.

2 days / 1 night package for corporate adventure getaway

Minimum group size 15 pax
Maximum group size 50 pax

Your package Includes

  • Roundtrip 4WD transportation Kampung Ulu Slim – Gesau Adventure Camp. An adventure in itself
  • 1 night stay at the Gesau Adventure Camp inclusive of shared tents (4 persons to each 6-man tents). Sleeping in shared tents can be fun!
  • Meals: Breakfast (1), Lunch (2), Dinner (1), Evening Tea (1), Supper (1). Yummy food throughout your stay
  • Free flow of hot and cold drinks. Well, you’ll never go hungry or thirsty
  • Easily your highlight of your stay with us: White water rafting Slim River (Grade III) on Day 2 – approx 7Kms, 2hrs.
  • Campfire activities – Day 1 night – Plenty of fun – guaranteed!
  • Orang Asli Living Skills Day 1 evening – for everyone to learn something new

Package excludes
Transportation to Kampung Ulu Slim
Personal accident insurance
Meals and activities not indicated in the itinerary

Start time: 3.00pm / Day 1
End time: 1.30pm / Day 2

Rate (Min 15 pax) : from RM295.00 per person
50% deposit upon confirmation, balance to be paid in full 7 days before the start of your program

Click this link to Make Your Booking


Drum Circle Team Bonding

In early february we had a group of about 120 people from a corporate company come over to our location in Kampung Ulu Slim. In the evening after their white water rafting program was over, they had an wonderful time playing percussion instruments in a drum circle.

Kuala Lumpur Cycling Tour | A Day Trip to Explore the Country on Two Wheels






Wondering what you can do when you are on vacation in Malaysia and happen to be in Kuala Lumpur? Well, you should consider joining our KUALA LUMPUR CYCLING TOUR for something quite different. Many people visiting the country looking for a cycling tour in the city and there’s not much information you can find. But your in luck because we do offer just that.

There could be a reason why finding this sort of tour in Kuala Lumpur may be a bit difficult – the main reason is that very few companies offer it if at all. As you know it is a tour which is specialized in nature. Furthermore, Kuala Lumpur can be quite a dangerous place for cyclists due to the amount of traffic on the road.

We have designed a cycling tour for those who are keen to explore our amazing country on 2 wheels. The place that we conduct the activity is only 1 hour outside of Kuala Lumpur – we will take you there in our transport when we pick you up from the KL Sentral in the city. The reason this place was chosen was because the roads are wide and safe from any heavy traffic. There are plenty of beautiful sceneries that you will be going through such as palm plantations, rubber plantations, natural hotspring, typical villages and ponds. Not only that, we finish the cycling tour at our basecamp which is located next to a refreshing stream. You can relax and enjoy yourselves at the basecamp before we head back to Kuala Lumpur later in the afternoon.

Read all the details here on the Kuala Lumpur cycling tour and we hope to welcome you soon. Remember, we need only a minimum of 2 pax to confirm a trip!


Availability: Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday (If you have a group of 5 pax, we can confirm on any day of your choice).
Pick Up Time in KL: 7.00am / KL Sentral – Wait at the KLIA Express Arrival Hall
Drop off time in KL: 2.00pm
Location: Slim River (Just a 1 hour road journey from K. Lumpur)
Cycling distance: Approx 24 km
Cycling duration: Approx 2.5 hrs with stops
Highlights: Scenic and quiet village road, palm plantations, rubber plantations, Malay villages, lakes, hotspring and more
Difficulty level: Medium level. Route is undulating and suitable even for those who have not cycled for a long time. No steep hill climbs.


– Round trip transportation with pick up and drop off at the KL Sentral station
– Safety briefing prior to the start of the program
– 6 Speed Folding Bikes
– Helmets
– Drinking water and light snacks during cycling
– Local Lunch
– Usage of basecamp facilities for shower, lunch and rest
– Adventure Host accompanying you on the cycling trip


  • A change of clothes
  • Towel, soap and shampoo
  • Personal medication
  • Suncreen lotion
  • Shoes to wear for cycling (eg. canvas, jogging, outdoor, running type shoes are ok too)