The Airasia Terminal in Kuala Lumpur is located in the district of Sepang. The terminal is called the Low Cost Carrier Terminal or the LCCT for short. This is the hub of all AirAsia aircrafts in Malaysia. This airport is roughly 60kms from Kuala Lumpur city centre. 


airasia terminal in kuala lumpur malaysiaIn Sepang there are 2 main air passenger terminals namely the Kuala Lumpur International Airport also known as KLIA (airport code KUL) and the LCCT. These airports are about 10km apart. 

The LCCT can be termed as ‘basic’ is compared to the KLIA. Although there are restaurants, shops, and luggage lockers, etc., the lounges and public areas are quite basic. The airport can be chaotic during peak periods and it is always crowded. It is akin to a crowded bus station.

When you land at the AirAsia Terminal (In Kuala Lumpur) and if you need to take a flight at the KLIA, there are 2 modes of transportation you can take. The first option is by bus. Although this mode is cheaper as it will only cost you about RM2.50 per way the buses can be packed and we do not advise hopping on the bus if you are travelling with many luggage. The reason is there is limited luggage space on the bus.  The other option especially if you have plenty of luggage is to grab a taxi. An advantage of using the taxi is you do not have to following a scheduled timing like the bus.

To get to Kuala Lumpur from the LCCT by road really depends on the traffic and where exactly you are staying in the city. If you are headed for places like the Bukit Bintang or the KLCC areas it will generally take about 1 hour. But your travel time into the city can reign havoc if it rains heavily in the late afternoon especially after 4.00pm and the evening rush hours starts at 5.00pm. In a massive jam, it is not uncommon to take as long as 2 hours to get to your KL hotel.

airasia terminal kuala lumpur insideYou cannot get on the KLIA Express from the LCCT to get into Kuala Lumpur. The KLIA Express is the high speed train plying between Kuala Lumpur and the KLIA. To get on the KLIA Express you will need to board at the KLIA. And  in Kuala Lumpur you will arrive at the KL Sentral. From the KL Sentral you can catch a taxi to your final destination such as your hotel. Although you can hop onto the Light Rail Transit (LRT) or the KL Monorail, to get to some parts of the city, you should only do this if you do not have luggage with you.klia transit train to lcct

If you are on transit and do not need to go to Kuala Lumpur, there are several choices of hotel available. The closest to the LCCT would be the TUNE hotel which is like its AirAsia counterpart, a no-frills hotel. Meanwhile, there are also the Bary Inn KLIA, the Concorde Inn KLIA and the 5* Sama Sama [formerly the Pan Pacific KLIA]. To get to the Tune hotel it’s is roughly a  10 minute walk. Or you can catch the bus from the LCCT which would cost you about RM1. If you had booked yourself at the Concorde Inn or the Sama-sama these hotels have their private shuttle service for their guests.

So if this is your first time headed our way, we wish you

“Selamat Datang ke Malaysia” (Welcome to Malaysia)


Thanks for reading!

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AirAsia Terminal in Kuala Lumpur
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